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Recap of the Carrera Benelux Cup 2021

So the 2021 season in the Carrera Benelux cup is finished. I am satisfied with the progression we’ve made throughout the season especially with the difficult start. But overall I would say not the season we wanted with many DNF’s from silly mistakes by myself. I realized that I had a lot more to learn than I thought because we went in thinking we would be fighting for podium from the beginning. But from the first race in Spa, we realized that there was a lot to be improved.

This was of course difficult but we did keep improving, it was a great learning curve which would not have been possible without GP elite and Jos behind me. They helped me develop certain skills. The field is of course very competitive and a good mix of different level drivers. I struggled with track limits and track positions and timing in general. I struggled with this on several tracks. In total we had 5 DNF’s which of course in a

championship like this has a big influence on the championship fight. So to finish P6 doesn’t make me happy even if it is competitive with my team mate and we only missed out on P4 by 2 points. The last few races finally showed our pace and put us in the competition with great results so I am happy with the end of the season. A lot of to improve. Together with Jos we have decided I will drive in the Carrera Cup Germany, this is not only good to compare myself to drivers such as Larry, Kohler which are the top guys in Porsche racing. It will be interesting to see where I am after just two years of racing and also being in the mid pack is very tight so to have this kind of stress will be good for me. This is why we have decided to compete in the final round in Hockenheim. I won’t have to think about championship here but just about gaining experience.

We also have a great winter program lined up including endurance and sprint races. I will do the full season in the Middle East, the Carrera Cup Middle East . Everyone will be back to zero and hopefully I can continue where I left off in the Benelux and have a shot at top 3 from the outset. Apart from that it will be great to stay racing until next year season so I can continue to improve.

Endurance racing will be together with Jos in the 24 hours of Dubai which will be a fun project together with our sponsor Michel Perridon. An amazing opportunity for me to learn from Jos who has so much experience in so many different cars including F1 so this is really an honour for me.

So let’s focus on the upcoming races and the winter season and then we will see what next year brings!


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