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GTC Lausitzring

So my first GTC weekend is completed. Definitely different from the ADAC GT Masters a bit less competitive but we knew this from the outset. This weekend was purely about having track time and focusing on myself and trying to improve and the comparison to the quick guys such as DTM champion Maximilian Götz. So some good guys to compare to.

The track was quite challenging and bumpy so it took some getting used to but after Friday I felt quite confident. Racing in Germany of course comes with the likelihood of changing weather conditions and that’s what happened on Saturday morning during qualifying. My first wet qualifying ever, a bit nervous before but decided to go full attack. Taking pole with 2 seconds ahead felt really good. For sure an unforgettable experience that taught me a lot.

Race 1 was a one-hour race I drove by myself, we made a few errors in judgement in the

set-up which cost us a lot in speed in the second stint so Maxilimilan Götz came up very fast behind me and he was closing the gap quite quickly so I tried to stay focused and get the maximum out of the car. So first win since quite a while, pole and a win felt really good also for the team who did a great job.

On Sunday everything starts all over with two qualifying and two sprint races. I got pole in qualifying 1 and P3 in qualifying 2 with the quick guys. So race 1 I started on pole but I couldn’t quite finish first even though I was controlling the race and the pace was quite equal. I ran into some traffic and lost a place. It’s all part of racing so P2.

Then we moved on to race 2 where I started from P3. It was an interesting one, I had a good rolling start and then decided to go for the gap for P1. Looking back, it wasn’t the best move, I thought he would leave a bit more space but it didn’t work out and I spun him around. That was a shame because I don’t want anyone to fall back in the grid because of me. I got a drive through penalty so ended in P6. I am now at the Nürburgring getting some laps in before the next ADAC GT Masters race here in two week’s time. So come along, it’s going to be a fun weekend. Let’s hope I can keep this podium streak going!


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