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Zandvoort, the recap!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Round 3 of the Carrera Cup Benelux is over and I’m definitely leaving with a smile. It was my best weekend so far of the season and this weekend everything came together after the frustrating start to the season. The team, the pace everything was just right this weekend. We can leave the start of the season behind and just take what we’ve learned from it. I’m happy it finally paid off in Zandvoort, all my partners were there, Michel Perridon of Dragon Investments, the family of Exxaero and our good friends of Maxicool who kept supporting us and kept believing in me despite the mistakes early in the season. The Merchandise company which didn’t only help me to set up the event with the merchandise but of course help me throughout the season with merchandising and everything that goes with it. Achieving the first podium in this cup with them watching me and supporting me was amazing.

Also the team did a great job, we started race 2 on new tires and this really paid off. We got the fastest lap and starting from 3rd. We had great starts this weekend, in Race 1 I started from P3 and was P1 in turn one, which was a great experience sadly there was a little bit of contact in turn 2 which gave me a drive through penalty, I’ll leave my opinion aside because at the end of the day all you can do is accept it. After the restart of the safety car and then drive through I fell back to 13th position, but I finished 8th which still gave me some points. I had mixed feelings after Saturday, I was happy of course with the pace but the result and the way the race ended was not what I wanted. I was fired up for race 2 and I started again in P3, all I needed was another mega start but I kept 3rd position during the first few laps. After the safety car in lap 5 I was able to take over to 2nd position and battle for that position. From there on it was hanging on to that place without making any silly mistakes and maybe hoping that P1 would make one. In the end that didn’t happen, but I held on to my position. I’m satisfied with what I did.

I’m leaving Zandvoort very happy, thank you again to everyone who was there to support me and I hope we can continue this positive flow in Zolder in August. Special thanks to Jos and my dad of course who have supported me and Jos for all his help and belief in me.

I’m looking forward to Zolder and looking forward to seeing you all back on track very soon.


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