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Porsche Carrera Cup Middle East - Bahrain

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

First round of the Carrera Cup Middle East is over and done. A little disappointed with myself, I had hoped to be higher up in the field especially with two days of testing on site. It was difficult to accept that we were not in the top 3, but we keep learning. This was a new track with high degradations and high temperatures that’s all new to me. It was good for the learning process as well as driving with new competitors.

The next round is in Jeddah, again a new track but this time new to everyone. We will be there together with Formula 1 so that will be a very cool experience. Like I said in my previous posts driving with Formula 1 is a real honour and I’m excited about this fast speed track.

Before that I have one SIM day to get to know the track which will allow me some practice. We will probably only have one practice before qualifying so this again is good for me to keep practicing. We will process the race in Bahrain so we can improve for Jeddah. I missed a bit in pace in race 1 and a silly mistake in race 2 cause a lock up and a puncture in the tire. It’s always better to finish than not finish, the points are important for the championship. So it was a hard lesson for future races.

Again I want to thank the team for providing me with a great car and the logistics. And once again all the sponsors especially Perridon Holdings I hope I can show them the results we were hoping for. This is a learning curve and we will keep fighting till the end.


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