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The ADAC GT Masters is a German based touring championship which started off in the 1990’s as a ‘cup’ series and in 2007 turned into a more international GT3 championship. Although the series still drives mainly on German tracks it’s become a very international racing series with drivers from all over the world. With over 30 cars competing it’s one of the most competitive GT3 series in the world, every manufacturer tries to promote its brand by putting in the best factory drivers this is the main reason why the series is so competitive.


1 Hour 


1 Hour


2 x 30 Min 


1 Hour


1 Hour

PCCB Round 3 - DTM Zolder (05-08-2021) - 4K - Selections (37)_edited.jpg

"Making my step into the Adac GT masters has always been a dream for me, not only are GT3's my favorite sort of race cars because of their competitiveness and way they drive, I also think the tracks and battle makes GT Masters one of the most difficult GT championships out there. It won't be an easy year but that only gives me more motivation to push myself and the people around me"

The championship works as follows, every car has 2 drivers. In this case it will be Mattia Drudi and Thierry Vermeulen running with Car Collection with their car 33 (Audi EVO2 GT3).

Thierry is competing in the overall championship and in the ‘Junior’ championship which is a standing system for all drivers under 25.


Free practice: Free Practice works as follows, there will be 2 sessions on the Friday of the race weekend both sessions will be 1 hour. These sessions both drivers can get used to the car and track, there is no official way of how the time is split between the drivers but most often it's 30 minutes each.


Junior practice: Since Thierry is classified as a ‘junior’ he will get an extra practice of 40 minutes on the Friday, he will be the only driver running the 33 car.


Qualifying: On Saturday the qualifying will be held, there will be two qualifying each 30 minutes, Q1 for race 1 and Q2 for 2. Each driver will do one qualifying, the driver that does Q1 will have to start race 1 and the driver that does Q2 will start race 2. Each driver will be given a new set of tires for qualifying.


Race: The race will be 1 hour and the driver change will be held half way the race (30 min), during the driver change tires are allowed to be changed. The same applies for both races.


Broadcasting: The ADAC GT Masters will be broadcast on live TV for all German fans, however for people watching outside of Germany there will be a live broadcast on YouTube and both in English and German. This will be for qualifying and both races.


Drivers standing

1: Christopher Mies & Ricardo Feller

2: Mathieu Jaminet & Michael Ammermüller

3: Maro Engel & Luca Stolz

Junior Champion:

Ricardo Feller

Team Standings

1: Montaplast by Land Motorsport

2: SSR Performance

3: GRT Grasser Racing Team


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