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ABOUT 2022

Returning to Europe after the great results of both the sprint and endurance races held in the Middle East, Thierry only had one thing on his mind… 2022.

To allow the right decision to be made, Raymond and Jos decided to really make Thierry’s pace visible in a GT3 car, he had to compete in a race against the best drivers. Thierry competed in the 9h of Kylami, which is part of the Intercontinental GT3 championship, a championship which is predominantly driven by factory drivers. In this championship, constructors fight for the title. Thierry competed in an AM car which meant it would be simply impossible for him to fight for the overall win. However, it would be great to gain more experience in the GT3 car while still having a look at his pace compared to the other drivers. He competed in this race with the Audi R8 GT3 run by WRT. He was able to claim victory in the GT3 AM class. Jos, Raymond and Thierry knew that from there on, GT3 was the way forward. Discussions with several teams took place, and through a collective decision among the three of them, they decided to commit to Car Collection to compete in the ADAC GT Masters championship. ADAC GT Masters is seen as one of the most competitive GT sprint championships in the world, known for its close battles. 

They believed that Car Collection had the right spirit to allow Thierry to learn and hopefully get the most out of the 2022 season. Car Collection paired Thierry with Mattia Drudi, an Audi factory driver and considered a real 'young gun'. Drudi had passed a very similar route as Thierry, competing for several years with the Porsche Cup Car, which was great for Thierry as Mattia could support Thierry’s jump to the GT3 car, as he had the knowledge and experience from experiencing this route himself. 

​For the 2022 season, Thierry also joined forces with and became a part of Racing, an initiative founded and managed by Max Verstappen’s passion for racing.

2022 proved a season of highs and lows for Thierry. The ruthless competition of the championship left no margin for error, and luck was not always on 33 cars' side. A mixture of tire blowouts and mechanical failures gave way to multiple DNFs throughout the season; however, when everything went right for Thierry, he executed. Securing a P2 finish in his home race in Zandvoort and fighting his way through the pack with lightning pace in Hockenheim, Thierry proved he had what it took to fight at the front. ​All in all, 2022 has laid down a great GT3 foundation from which he will build into what will be an exciting 2023.

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